Quick Way to Write an Effective Annotated Bibliography

Quick Way to Write an Effective Annotated Bibliography


Al the school and college-level students are mostly asked to write different academic writing assignments. These academic assignments specifically at the school and college level are mostly based on writing different types of essays such as argumentative essays, reflective essays, critical essays, etc. The purpose of these academic writing assignments at the lower level is to prepare the students for writing different pieces of paper in their future education. If needed you can always search, “I need assignment help Melbourne?” to get help from professionals.


These pieces of works might involve a literature review, annotated bibliography, research papers, scholarly works, personal letters, emails, etc. According to a professional writer of a well-known essay writing service “Conveying ideas with the readers in all these different pieces of work required effective writing skills”. All these effective writing skills are learned by the assignments that instructors give to their students at school and college levels.



Just like every type of essay is unique and different from one another based on other purposes for which it is written and the way it is written. Different pieces of work identified above also are unique and different from one another. They are also unique and different in terms of the purpose for which they are written and the way they are written. For example, a literature review is written for a different purpose and in a completely different way as compared to an annotated bibliography. Similar is the case with other pieces of Writing based works.


Students often ask essay writer service to “Write my paper for me” Because they are not able to effectively write them. One reason behind this is the lack of effective writing skills. Effective writing skills can be learned by spending great time, effort, and practice. However, once learned these writing skills are helpful for the student throughout his life.


To effectively write academic writing-based works, a good writer always focuses on the use of quick and easy methods that can effectively show their results. For example, a good essay writer is one who uses different writing tips for effectively and easily conveying his points to the audience. An annotated bibliography is written in a unique format.


This is because it includes a number of different cited sources where each cited source is written whether a summary about what that show is about. The word limit of this summary is almost 150 words. However, the summary should include the basic points that can explain the entire work done in that particular source.


An effective annotated bibliography is very easy as an annotated bibliography comprises only a few elements. Mentioned below are some of the steps that will help in writing an annotated bibliography in a quick and effective way:


All the sources that are to be included in the annotated bibliography should be cited properly and with complete information. Different citation styles can be used to cite the source in the annotated bibliography. For example, the different citation styles are MLA, APA, AMA, etc.


The citation style of all the different formats is different from one another. For example, in an APA cited source the name of the author is included with the date of publication of the source. However, in an MLA-cited source, the name of the author is just required to be written. This information is not based on the choice of the writer, rather every type of citation style uses a specific format that is required to be followed for correct citation.


Generally, the citation style to be used is provided But if not provided the writer can decide any citation style to cite the sources in an annotated bibliography. Each and every source included in the annotated bibliography is cited.


After including the citation of the source to be discussed a summary of the source is included. This summary of the source is generally written in almost 150 words. This summary is just like an abstract, that is it provides the readers with a piece of brief information about what is discussed in the particular source.


To write an effective summary in the annotated Bibliography the writer mainly focuses on the major points of the original work. That is he does not emphasize the points that are not necessary for the readers to know. In addition to that, the writer makes sure that we include all the major points that are discussed in the original work


To provide the readers with a clear and complete understanding of the details discussed in the source. It should be made sure that during the summary the writer should not reveal whether he is agreeing with the piece of work of the original writer or not. Meaning that in the summary of annotated Bibliography the writer is only required to summarise the original piece of work.


After including the summary in the annotated Bibliography, now is the time for you to present your stance, that is whether you agree with the work of the writer or not. In addition to that, here you can also show how this particular piece of work is related to your original research work.


This will provide the readers with an understanding of the use of this particular source for annotated bibliography.


Mentioned above are some of the steps for writing an annotated bibliography in a quick and effective way. Writing an annotated bibliography is very easy as it is just based on three basic components: the cited source, summary, and the evaluation of the source.



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