Five Tips for Writing an Appealing Descriptive Essay - 2023

Descriptive essays are one of the most assigned essays on all academic levels as they not only help improve the writing skills of the students and help them learn how to engage the readers with their writing.

Descriptive essays describe some special place or thing with which the essay writer has a certain attachment or sentimental value. These essays evoke the reader’s emotions and use their senses to feel the writer’s emotions.

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Following are some tips that can help you to make your descriptive essay more appealing and engaging.

Right topic Choice:

Descriptive essays, no doubt, are the most non-technical types of essays. You don’t have to prove anything to your readers, nor do you have to build strong arguments. You just have to write what you feel and how you feel about a certain thing or place.

But don’ton’twon’tDon’t’t let this simplicity trick you. Sometimes a topic that seems very simple and interesting can make you stuck with it as you are not equipped enough to explain that, maybe the place about which you chose to write about would be near to your heart, but you do not remember enough details to write about it.

So before choosing or finalizing the topic, think about it. Ask yourself if you have enough information about the topic to meet the required word count; with the chosen topic, would you be able to precisely and comprehensively communicate your feelings? If your answer is YES, you are good to go; otherwise, consider another place or belonging with some sentimental value. 

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Brainstorm ideas about the topic:

Once you are done with topic selection, start brainstorming ideas to describe the place or thing in the most appealing way. Think about how you can best describe your emotions about the place or belonging that may also engage the readers’ senses and let them feel the way about that place or thing in a way you felt.

Brainstorming can also involve listing down the ways you have in your mind to explain your feelings best.

 You can just start to write my essay on the topic to the point where you are not tired. This draft of ideas will help you choose the most attractive aspects of your sentiments and help you present them in a better way.

 Create an Outline:

Creativity with the organization can make your essay a masterpiece, and outlining is one of the best ways to structure and organize your essay. 

The outline of an essay will help you to map your essay. In the outline, you will be defining the structure of your essay and list down the points that you will talk about in the essay. The outline of your essay will also help to keep the essay coherent.


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Explain your ideas well:

Having plenty of ideas to explain your topic is good, but having a reasonable and just explanation of every idea is best. Don’t stuff your essay with a scattered set of ideas with such a brief description that they can not serve any purpose. 

Do remember that ideas and hints are two different things and never leave your reader clueless. Make sure to convey all your feelings in a satisfactory manner that won’t leave the reader clueless about any mentioned dimension of your topic. 

Draft and Redraft until it becomes a Masterpiece:

Creating drafts is such an underrated norm in writing, especially among students. They always want to do it on the first attempt, which can prove to be a great blunder. Your essay can be returned for revisions and may get rejected by your professor if you won’t make at least two to three drafts before finalizing your essay. 

Making drafts of your essay and then evaluating them critically can refine your essay into a masterpiece. It will never let you reach the point where your professor will reassign it to you, and you will ask yourself who will do my essay now?

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