A Complete Guide to Write a Review Article

A review article is also known as a literature review, is a comprehensive summary of the previously published articles related to a subject matter. It provides the reader with an overview of the contemporary research patterns on a certain theme. But it does not include new experimental studies. One option that you can avail of is the hiring of an academic essay writer service that often provides such services to students and plays an important role in acquiring good grades.


The prime aim of a literature review is to provide the reader with a critical evaluation of the available data from previous studies. The potential research areas are usually highlighted in the review articles. Review articles are also meant to obtain certain conclusions from the already existing data. 


The review articles highlight the following components. 

  • Firstly, they provide a comprehensive foundation on the topic.
  • They also highlight existing potential gaps for future research.
  • They explain the current state of knowledge and highlight the main methodologies. 


Writing a review article is the most challenging task and I have been feeling worried throughout my student life about how I am supposed to write my essay comprehensively. But prior knowledge of the format of a review article can help write a comprehensive paper.


A huge number of journals are publishing review articles; however, certain journals never accept them. Hence, before sending your work for publishing, you have to check the scope and aim for the journal if you are at the right place to publish your articles. Sometimes it can be difficult to write an essay and, in such cases, you can always hire an essay writing service to assist you in your task. It would save you from a lot of hassles and you can get a perfect essay written by a professional essay writer.


A review article is usually different from a research article. A research article discusses the viewpoint of the author, presents new content for the research and study, and its length depends upon the word limit of the journal in which it is going to be submitted. Contrarily, a review article is the personal viewpoint of the author regarding a particular subject matter. Analyzing already published research content is usually shorter as compared to a research article but it still needs to follow a certain limit.  


Following are the eight factors that need to be kept in mind while writing a review article. 


The Scope and Aim of the Journal

An essay writer needs to thoroughly read the scope and aim of the journal in which he is publishing the content and adhere to its guidelines, terms, and conditions thoroughly. Different journals are following different guidelines and it is imperative to go through their terms before submitting the article. 


Define the Scope of your Review Article

You have to define the scope of the research questions and the scope of the review articles. You have to make sure that your article adds something worthwhile to the existing body of knowledge. August Crake, an award-winning scholar once described that you are supposed to define the scope of the review which you find is manageable for you, not too large or small in the length. If the field is well-established, it is important to place your focus on the advances.  


Identifying the sources for the evaluation

While you are trying to identify the resources to assess, Angus Crake has stated that you need to use multiple search databases so you don't miss the important details.


Write the abstract, keywords, and title 

You have to save time to write an effective abstract, keywords, and title. It helps increase the online visibility of the article in the journals and search engines, providing that the readers would be able to dig you for research content. The abstract and title need to be informative, accurate, concise, and clear.  


Introduce the Topic

Begin by providing some context and an overview of the topic. You have to explain why you are reviewing the topic and why it is compulsory to do so. You have to gather the research information to make your introduction broad enough so it could be reached to a huge audience of specialists as well as non-specialists. It will help increase the wider impact as well as relevance.  


You don't need to make a longer introduction. You have to divide the review into several sections with a suitable length which helps to identify the keywords more appropriately. A good essay writing service can help you in this regard.


Include the Critical Analysis

You have to ensure that you include a critical discussion and not only a summary of the topic you are presenting. You also have to include any contradictory research relevant to your area of study, to create an arguable debate and present both sides of the argument. A review paper can also be used to resolve contradicting reviews in the research studies. When you have written the core review section, you need to take a step to find out the common emerging trends in the research field. You have to identify the key advancements where a more intense research approach would lead towards a higher research impact. It is important to identify them, in which direction they are headed, and the common issues people have faced.     


Conclude your Review Paper

You need to be aiming for writing a review that has a clear imprint of the understood points and the points which are yet a mystery. You can provide recommendations for the future research implications in your concluding paragraph.


Use a Critical Friend 

Before submitting your article, you should always be performing the final grammar and spell-check. A colleague or a critical friend can help you to a greater extent in this regard and provide you with accurate feedback before you submit your article. If you are not a native speaker, you have to think about polishing your English writing skills which will help you in the effective use of the language and the study materials. 



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